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      by DHL

      We will send most of our goods by DHL

      About shipping time:8-11 days after payment to your door,after 4 days of payment,we will upload the tracking number to website.                     Website for tracking:http://www.cn.dhl.com/en.html

      About Shipping cost:the free shipping products is including the DHL shipping cost from our factory to your door.But it is not with

      custom charge and any other extra cost from DHL in your side.

      We will not take responsible for the damage during shipping after we make the very secure package. If you find the package case or

      products was broken when you get the goods. Please take a photo of the package case and apply compensation from the shipping 

      agency in your city within 24 hours. And please send the picture to us, too. We will transfer it to our shipping agency to handle this issues.